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    We invite our customers to explore for Indian artifacts, hunt, fish, camp, etc., maybe you can get lucky too. We have 5 properties, totalling 1100 acres, near the town of Milan, Pa, on the western side of Susquehanna River in rural Bradford County. From Highland Hill Farm it is about a two-hour drive if you'll please obey the speed limits.We also have thousands of acres of private lands across America ready for you to explore.

    Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is the town nearest to where we now have the 67 square mile North Fork Ranch and the 95 square mile Flying X ranch, and it was in fact named after the television show. Honest. No, this time, it's really true. (Yes, square miles! No crowding.) You see, in 1950, when the United State's population was just about exactly half of today's 296 million, New Mexico didn't even have 1 million people. In 1950, New Mexico didn't even quite have 900,000 people. Hot Springs in the southwest part of the state was plodding along slowly and fairly comfortably, much the same as hundreds of other small resort cities "off the beaten paths" of our nation. Tourist trade, practically speaking, was the city's only industry beyond some livestock ranching. Hot Springs, New Mexico's majority of visitors here sought the town's health spa waters facilities finding the little community offered more for their money than almost anywhere else. Hot Springs, New Mexico was often very sunny and always very quiet. The cost of living was, and still is, extremely reasonable. In 1950, visitors and residents alike did, and still do, relax in the healing, naturally hot mineral baths, bask in the almost ever present sunshine, fill their lungs with the fresh, pure air that envelopes the city and surrounding areas, fish a little, and play dominoes and shuffleboard. The only problem, indeed a major "issue," was the last popular pastime which hasn't yet been mentioned; sitting on the sidewalk benches to watch the few travelers as they passed on the highway, usually without stopping. Recreation then was undeveloped and the town was lost among the hundreds of other " Hot Springs" scattered all over the United States; its name indicating nothing more significant than the likelihood that some pools of hot water were located in the area. One momentous day in 1950, NBC television and radio producer Ralph Edwards, on the 10th anniversary of the Truth or Consequences radio program, called his staff together and said, "I wish that some town in the United States liked and respected our show so much that it would be willing to change it's name to ours. Imagine a town named 'Truth or Consequences.' Promotes us, promotes them." Upon hearing the proposition, the New Mexico State Tourist Bureau relayed the news to the manager of all the Chambers of commerce within the state and the manager of the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce spread the news like wildfire. Here was an opportunity to advertise the city and it's resources free of charge touted the manager of Hot springs Chamber of Commerce. Better still, no longer was the town to be confused with that "other one" in Arkansas and the hundreds or so others throughout the nation (California alone has more than 30 towns called "Hot Springs") (Seriously). So, in a special city election held August, 1950, 1,294 of the town's residents voted for the change to "Truth or Consequences." On the other hand, 295 area residents opposed the change and a protest was filed, so the city returned to the polls and again voted (Again, Seriously) by a margin greater than four to one, to go ahead with the name change. And it was done. Almost 14 years later, in January 1964, the question went to the people again and they voted to keep the name as Truth or Consequences. A fourth election was held on August 18, 1967, and once more a majority voted to keep the little town's unique name.. Ralph Edwards and his entire NBC show's crew came in 1950, aired the first live, coast-to-coast broadcast of Truth or Consequences from the little town in New Mexico so named. Truth or Consequences residents were very pleased to say Ralph Edwards continued coming back every year of the show's life thereafter - with his Hollywood staff and friends - to celebrate the anniversary of the name change, and to help spread the news about the little town that adopted him and he in turn had adopted. In 1974, Ralph Edwards' Truth or Consequences went off then ABC's airwaves. There have been later reincarnations of the show which ran for a year or two, the latest was the Spanish version of 2003 titled "Techo Hueco." Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is an oasis of hot water pools, along with two of the New Mexico's best lakes and many other recreational opportunities throughout Sierra County. Ralph Edwards lived to be 92 years old. He died in November. How's that for longevity? Bob Barker's career also went on (and on) after his time on Truth or Consequences. His time on The Price is Right only ended in 2003 after that show was on the airwaves for 41 years. Then, let's not forget there was the similar show Let's Make A Deal with Monty Hall. Did you know that I can honestly say that my father was Monty Hall ?
    The greatest find since the discovery of the Neanderthal Neandertal) Man and the Cro-Magnon Man in France was barely a few feet over the Italian side of the border with Austria resting at an altitude of 10,500 feet. A total of four books, two books popular enough to become paperbacks, have since been written about "Oetzi," or "Otzi," as the ice-mummy has been named. Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier, by Brenda Fowler, was published in 2000. The Man in the Ice was published in 1995, by Konrad Spindler, the local archaeologist brought in when it became obvious a modern-day murder victim hadn't been found. His book was updated in 2001. Two children's books have also been published to help develop their interest in historical science as something they'll find "current," and not "boring." The intense study of the "ice-mummy" yielding all the detailed information for these books was performed at Innsbruck University, and the body is now on display at the museum in Bolzano, Italy.

    America's prehistoric residents and later Native American Indians used straight branches from Arrowwood Viburnums, as the name implies, to make their arrows' shafts. Did you ever wonder at what point in their growth the outside of thin tree boughs and twigs develop bark and become wood? When do little seedling's stems, their "mini-trunks," grow up enough to develop bark and become wood? How thick does a green wispy thin twig have to become before it's a branch of wood? The answer is, generally, at about a half-inch diameter. In fact, that is just about the diameter of the Alpine Iceman's arrows.

    Do you see it? The point here is that when you get out and use your shoe leather, you are, in fact, helping discover the past and help all of us understand our common and uncommon links. All that would have remained of Otzi in a few seasons he would be afew arrowheads lost in piles of rocks high up in the Alps.

    After all the hours spent on this, and the !%^&@$*%#! Are/but/a/vitae, I need a break. ...

    1. Arrowhead Hunting on our Milan Pa Farms We have 1200 acres in Milan Pa. Where we allow walking and digging for arrowheads for a fee. This was once the site of an Indian Village so there is material to be found.

    2. Our Truth or Consequences Ranch in New MexicoOur Fling X Ranch is a must for hunters of arrowheads, fossils, dino bones, and meteorites. Read about our 5000 plus or minus acres of private ranch land that is open for your relic hunting.

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    7. More Items I find, bought, or traded for...
    See items stored at our Ferry Road Farm in Fountainville Pa.

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    9. Hunt Coyotes at our Milan farms in Bradford Pa.

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    Call us or stop in to see our natural rock for landscape design, architects, landscaping nurseries, and construction contractors. We sell these by the individual rock, car load, trunk load, half pallet or full pallet. Prices range due to shipping costs. Call us at 215 651 8329 for a price. We can drop off these pallets or you can pick them up.